Our Approach

Our ongoing process delivers results. It allows employers to take control of their group insurance programs and dictate their needs to the insurance marketplace instead of the other way around.


The right solution comes when your broker knows you, your business and your employees. That’s why it is critical for us to get to know your business, your goals and your employee base inside and out.

Our discovery stage will include:

  • information gathering sessions w/ key players
  • a demographic study of your employee base
  • collection of data to form a current program analysis

This stage allows us to uncover which aspects of your program meet your needs and which areas offer opportunities for creating a more suitable program.

Before moving to the design stage, we provide you with a Discovery Summary Document that includes:

  • your current position
  • your needs and goals
  • overall observations
  • areas of opportunity

You need to strike a balance between meeting the needs of your employees and controlling costs. The design stage is where we create short- and long-term strategies for doing so. The analysis established in the discovery stage allows Delta to design recommendations for a customized program that meets your specific needs.

The strategies focus on:

  • Endorsement from management
  • Plan design specifics
  • Financial analysis
  • Funding arrangements
  • Dollar maximization
  • Employer contribution
  • Consumerism
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee behavior
  • Plan marketing initiatives
  • Industry insurance benchmarking

This building, recommendation and decision-making stage will empower you to steer your benefits program effectively while providing value to your employees


Our experience has shown that when employees are educated and engaged in making active decisions about their employee benefits, they find greater value in their benefits program. Engaging with employees and communicating your benefits insurance program is critical to its success.

Delta Benefits prides itself in partnering with you for the careful delivery of your program to your employees through on-site presentations, at open enrollment time.

Delivery is focused on communicating:

  • Marketplace dynamics
  • Employer goals
  • Employee choice
  • Plan design details and changes
  • Program positives and advantages
  • Cost savings techniques
  • Overall value of the program